10 Work Wear Ideas for Returning from Maternity Leave

Recently I wrote about returning to the office after having had my first baby and the steps I took to make sure that process was as easy as possible for both my little man and me. Part of that process was establishing my new mum work wear.  Updating key items to work with my new mum figure. Whilst allowing me to make use of some of my existing work wardrobe. As I try to flattening my still changing shape. So to follow on from that, here are great examples of outfits that will work well for any new mum when they must return to work.

10 Work Wear Ideas for Returning from Maternity Leave

As a professional working mum my work wardrobe needs to be business at least 90 percent of the time. However if I am fortunate enough to have a down day to catch up on paperwork I can relax it a little to business casual. Either way, with my new shape and my other full-time job as a mum. I need my outfits to work for me, be comfortable, easy to wear and easy to piece together. It’s not easy trying to dress for a board meeting with an eleven month old hanging off your leg!

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1. Wide Leg Trousers or Culottes

Yoins Work Wear
I have posted before about my love for this trend! A wide legged trouser are super flatten. If you are worried about lumps and bumps you may have from your pregnancy.  Teamed with this drape fronts jacket and sleeveless shirt. It makes for a great work outfit that flatters the right areas. Provides comfort and is works with your mum duties!

2. Ruffled Midi Skirt

Work Wear
In my eyes the ruffled midi skirt is the new pencil skirt. It offers a bit of leg without being revealing. The cut and shape of the skirt is great for disguising wide hips and your tummy. Teamed with a flowing but tailored top, it will emphasis your natural waist making you seem smaller. They work well with flats and heels and are on trend right now.  The variety of fabrics and patterns are never ended. From block colours, florals, street prints and lace. There really is a choice for everyone.

3. Business Denim

Work Wear
I love my jeans, I think they are the most versatile item in my wardrobe. But making them business appropriate can sometimes be a challenge. Especially as I am currently favouring more loose-fitting boyfriend or mum jeans that is currently on trend. But teamed with a crisp white skirt, some “sensible” shoes and a good blazer, this outfit is very practical for me as a mum but also smart enough for an admin day.

4. Leggings

Work Wear: Leggings...
It took me a very long time to get into wearing leggings and before I had baby there would be literally no way I would ever had considered wearing them to work. However when I was carrying. Leggings were a lifesaver and quite often then only comfortable thing I could find to wear. So with a bit of reworking, I was able to pull a completely presentable workout fit together and I haven’t looked back since. Teamed with a good stiletto heel and loose but tailored blouse and jacket they can actually look professional. Especially as skinny trousers are also in now. So if you have quality pair of leggings no one can tell the difference! So comfortable and easy to move from mum to director with a simple shoe and top change.

 5. The Tailored Jumper

business mum
I love love love a tailored jumper! Always have! They instantly make any outfit look more polished and pulled together. Whether it’s with jeans and cute heels on an admin day or with a smart pair of tailored trousers, they are easy to wear, super comfortable and definite go to for me.

6. Peg Trousers

working mum
In recent years the peg trousers have slowly taken over the smart pant departments of most stores. Whilst it took me a while to adjust to them, now as a mum embrace them. The high-waisted pleat if great for the midsection and the tapered nature of the lower leg offers shape and emphasises an area I am comfortable with. Teamed with an oversized blazer it balances out the look and remains comfortable just professional.

7. Draped Cardigan

This is an item I look to carry from work outfit to weekend outfit. Without a doubt it will be getting more use than most of my wardrobe this autumn! The long line distracts from the stomach whilst the belt helps create a waist stopping me looking like one long line. It goes well with a good pair of tailored trousers,  blouse and heels. But works well with a t-shirt and boots just the same. If I am tired from a sleepless night tending to baby and need to feel cosy and comfortable whilst presentable this is most definitely the item I reach for.

8. Silk Tank

Mum's the Word
Whilst I wouldn’t wear the flip flops for work. A good cut silk tank is a staple for the work wardrobe, whether with a suit, trousers or a skirt there are just so many ways to wear it. If I am extra conscious of my stomach then a silk tank worn loose helps hide my insecurities. Equally I would happily tuck this into trousers or a skirt for a different look or pair it with jeans on date night.

9.  Flats and a Blazer

Work Casual
When I am running between work, clients, errands and play dates a great cut blazer and quality pair of flats are an easy staple to give me a put together and finished look. Teamed with skinny jeans or trousers and a simple t-shirt I can take this look from mum’s coffee morning to client meeting with a simple addition of a work handbag and jewellery.

10. Wool Knits

Earth Tones

Whilst we haven’t quite moved into the cooler weather here in Portugal just yet (today was 30º) This look works well for me for the cooler months ahead. The cut and style of a good knit dress can give a professional look and with a good pair of knee-high boots give me the confidence to run after my little man or around town without wobbling on heels, whilst a long cardigan can be a great alternative to a blazer, offer warmth, yet still look smart and most of all give comfort.

The outfits I have pulled together today are a snap shot of the items I reach for since returning to work to keep me looking polished and professional but ultimately offer practicality and comfort which is needed when raising small children.  However I have to give credit to the polyvore users who’s sets I have used in this post. If you like any of the outfits featured here, please click the attached links and you will be directed to their sets on Polyvore and where to buy the items featured.


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