4 Fantastic Workouts I Recommend for New Mums

4 fantastic workouts for new mums
4 fantastic workouts for new mums
4 fantastic workouts for new mums
4 fantastic workouts for new mums
4 fantastic workouts for new mums

Before I had little cutie, I would attempt to keep up a certain level of fitness. With a hectic life and busy work schedule that didn’t always pan out as I hoped. However once I got pregnant I made a conscience effort to make sure I remained as fit and as health as possible to make sure my little cutie the best start in life and it was with every intention that I planned to continue this after his arrival scheduling only a few weeks break into my
thinking. However due to complications it has taken me longer than hoped to get back into the saddle.

4 workouts for new mums

I have tried all the below 4 workouts personally and I am in some shape of another incorporating them into my weekly routine now that I am finally getting back on my feet and am able to be physically active once more. Each I feel holds an element that is valuable to a new mother and as someone who has had physical limitations set upon her for 8 months, all should be suitable for every level of fitness, so whether you were a couch potato before or during your pregnancy or attended the gym religiously, I honestly believe there is something to take away from each for everyone.

Sore to the Core – Alexa Jean Fitness

I discovered Alexa on instagram, long before I was pregnant and felt her daily workout videos she posted were motivational and inspiring. Once I had cutie, her plans became more appealing to me as they allow me to build my workout around cutie’s nap time.
need no or limited equipment and can be broken down in to manageable chunks which is ideal when you have a new baby.


Based on a mix of HIIT, Plyometrics, Core strengthening and Effective Cardio Methods, her plans can be done any time any place and can be used as a daily workout routine or as a 30 day challenge to kick-start you back into your fitness regime.

The sore to the core program was what really caught my eye as it focuses on building core strength and tightening those stomach muscles. Ideal for someone who has just had a
baby! The plan progresses over 4 weeks with a new routine each day and built-in rest days. This is great as it stops you from becoming bored, keeps your body guessing and helps stop your muscles from plateauing. There is also a 2nd part of the sore to the core workout which offers you a further 4 weeks of workouts.

It takes around 15 minutes to complete the daily routine which is great for squeezing in around dirty nappies, endless washing, feeding and attempts of getting some seep.

Sore to the Core

I spent some time looking for reviews online before I purchased this workout program and I have to say there is little to be found, however the reviews I did stumble across came from a variety of people at different fitness levels and all had positive things to say.

I ended up purchasing the entire bundle from her site, which was on special offer and includes a butt and leg workout out, upper body workout and a clean eating 30 day meal plan along with several recipe suggestions. Each of these are about 15-20 minutes in length so combined they give you a complete full body workout that you will certainly feel. As it’s based around HIIT, it’s easily adaptable as well, meaning the fitter you become the more you can push yourself, therefore they never become to easy.

Go check her out on Instagram Alexajeanfitness or hop straight to her site if your ready to get started alexajeanfitness.com 

5k in 5 weeks Beginners Running Plan 

Now I am actually a runner, when pregnant I was still completing a 5K circuit until I was around 7 months and even at 38 weeks pregnant in 35º heat I managed to just about knock out 3k. However I haven’t run for 9 months now again due to my injuries as it was just to high impact for my body to cope.

Also I am up 10kg from my pregnancy weight, and so now that I have finally been signed fit by the doctor to begin physical activity again I want to try to get back into my running as it’s an excellent cardio and fat burn which I hope will help me to melt away the remaining baby weight.

New Mum workout 5k in 5 weeks

Coupled with the fact its mid-summer here and hitting 27º as a minimum before 9am, jumping straight back in would probably be suicide. That and I have never run with a buggy/baby before. So to ease me in gently and make sure I stay injury free I am opting to follow a 5 week program for beginners to build them up to 5k.

I think this is a great way to get back to my pre-pregnancy level, feel out what works for baby and me and slow enough that I can watch my body to avoid any unnecessary pain or injury.

I picked up my plan off Pinterest where a quick search of beginner running and 5k will produce hundreds of results. If you want to see the specific plan I am following then take a look at my fitness board on Pinterest here. 

Power Yoga 

Yoga was something I use to practise off and on, until I was pregnant, then I became more focused on it as way to stay fit healthy and focused through my pregnancy as it’s not only great for physical appearance, but also your mind and soul. I attribute practising yoga weekly to the fact I was calm and relaxed my entire pregnancy and physically able to handle the pressures delivery places on your body.

Vinyasa Yoga was the method I followed which is a fast paced flowing practise with a fitness approach of which Power Yoga is another variation. Not something to consider when you are 30+ weeks pregnant as standard vinyasa flows are challenging enough. However if you are looking to add a burn to your workout, whilst feeling calm, composed and relaxed Power yoga is an excellent option postpartum. It will relieve pains and complications from delivery with the added benefit of being excellent for weight loss.

If like me high impact cardio is off the cards postpartum then Power yoga is a fantastic alternative, getting your heart rate going, fatiguing your muscles and ensuring you get the benefits you would seek from more traditional cardio routines. Equally, it allows you to work at your own pace and ability so is excellent for all levels. You can do anything from a 30 minute full body “cardi-yoga” power yoga workout to a more focused abs session which can run anything from 10 to 30 minutes in length and will help rebuild a weakened core.


I was recommended Sarahbethyoga on youtube  by a friend of mine and I have to say she has an excellent set of series for you to follow at home. Again broken down into bite size pieces there are various lengths, which help trying to merge  fitness around a new baby.

Jamie Eason Post Pregnancy Fitness Trainer 

So for the die-hard gym attenders among us, this is most possible the best option for you. If you have previous experience at weight lifting and are in relatively good shape to being with, I say jump right in. This was initially my workout program of choice, however due to the limitations imposed on me, I had to shelve this in favour of the gentler options above. That said, now I am back being active, I will be aiming to work towards completing this and even though I am already 9 months out, the plan has been built to help any mum regardless of how long ago you had your little bundle.

Jamie Eason Post Pregnancy Trainer

The plan is broken down into 3 sections to cover 9 months. The first 3 months classified as preparatory workouts offer circuits again broken into 3 phases that you can repeat until you are ready to progress of have been signed of by your Doctor, this is followed by a further 12 weeks of harder training circuits and end with her live fit 12 week plan. She encourages you to go at your own pace and only move to the more intense section when you are ready.

There are loads of handy tips throughout, including nutritional advice, time management and how to check yourself for Diastasis Recti. Along with providing a meal plan and meal recommendations as you work through each week.

I have tried several of the first phase routines already and I am confident that this will most definitely have an impact even for the most hardy of trainers, so am really looking forward to getting my teeth into this in a month or two.

You can find her full plan on the bodybuilding.com website 

Exercise gives you endorphins

My personal fitness journey is beginning again now and I will keep you all updated on how I am progressing and finding each challenge that I set myself. Please feel free to share if you have used any of the above workouts yourself and your thoughts. Or tell me if you have a secret success routine that has worked for you as I would love to try it!



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