5 Brilliantly Unexpected Uses I’ve Found for Breast Pads

Breast pads
Breast pads
Breast pads
Breast pads
Breast pads

5 uses for breast pads

A fantastic invention that no breastfeeding mother could do without! Here are the 5 most unexpected uses for breast pads I have come across on my journey. These things have saved me from an embarrassing moment or two on many an occasion.

However there are several points regarding these circular little objects that I would like to take a second to reflect on. This doesn’t included the fact that one certain brand feel they are that fabulous they would be the perfect addition to your days out! (lol)

5 brilliant uses for breast pads

  • Unless you are wearing a bra with some sort of padding. You cannot get away with a form-fitting, shear or figure hugging top…. Not unless you are comfortable with the world clearly seeing not just the outline of these little buggers.
  • They stick! Really well. To everything! Definitely no fear of these bad boys slipping when your on the move. Lifting your little Bubba up and down etc. However be careful you don’t let one sneak into a pile of clothing once you take your bra off or you may find it attached somewhere you’d rather it not be.
  • This point very much will depend on your cup size ladies. But if like me with already ample bosom. That now look like a boob job on speed.  You can pretty much guarantee they will remain stuck when impractical. Like when trying to feed your baby. Making what should be a discrete nipple manoeuvre an all out full breast exposure…. Generally not when in the comfort of your own home. But when in the busiest most public place possible.
  • They can make a handy mop/sponge resource. When caught either without a muslin or perhaps in need of more than one. These bad boys are actually quite handy! I have an excessively fast let down. Even with a fat git baby who drinks at the speed of light. There are occasions it is all too much. He chokes and I spray free-flowing milk everywhere. Enter handy breast pad. To steam the flow. Especially useful for mopping up the mess of milk that has puddled in my lap!
  • They allow me to know my milk supply is still active! When it is at its strongest. Best of all I can gush at others bundles of joy safe in the knowledge they will mop up my spills. At the end of the day when I remove these bad boys. Quite often the weight can be comparable to that of my sons nappy after a 12 hour night stint. But it offers me a reassuring sign all is well.

Having used disposable breast pads for the first 5 months, before switching to washable pads on my return to work. I can see the pro’s and con’s of both. Neither is a hands down winner,. As whilst the washable breast pads save you from spiralling costs and getting caught without any. They mould so much better to your body. Which is a god send when you want to wear something sheer or figure hugging.  As the washable one’s all but scream “hello! Breast pads on parade!”.

It would be good to know others thought on the subject. Have you fund unexpected uses for breast pads? Or I am alone in pondering the above points?


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