A light-hearted look at the 10 best and worst things about being a new mum

So after a rather trying week with an 11 month old, who is cutting his 8th tooth, running a fever, has a never-ending stream running from his nose and has developed a cough based purely on the combination of snot and dribble. I am exhausted to say the least.  Being a new mum right now means.  Sleep seems to be something from another life and whilst I have had it relatively easy with little man from the minute he was born, this week has been fueled purely by coffee, adrenaline and shouting matches with my husband!


So whilst hiding in the loo and pretending to my husband that I couldn’t hear the baby crying through the monitor, I attempted to give myself a quick pep talk and pull it together. However for each positive I focused on, a negative popped up to counteract it. So here’s my light-hearted list of the good and the bad of being a new mum:

The 10 Best Things

Love you Mum!

1. Unconditional love
2. A renewed sense of purpose
3. A new outlook on life
4. Discovering new things daily, if not hourly
5. Watching a little person unfold into his own personality
6. Never ending laughter
7. Getting to spend all day in your pajamas without anyone questioning it
8. The best hugs ever
9. The overwhelming pride of watching a sleeping baby
10. Get to be a kid again playing childish games with them

The 10 Worst Things

Tired oh so tired! 1. Endless piles of washing
2. Overflowing basket of ironing
3. Unfinished coffees all around the house
4. Trying to find work clothing not covered in spit up, food or worse
5. Never fully completing any project you start
6. Date night = Sleep night
7. Never again being able to be spontaneous
8. Constantly second guessing or berating yourself
9. Tiredness oh the tiredness
10. Never enough time in the day

What about the other mum’s out there, what are you daily highs and lows? Do share!

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