A Quick and Easy Toddler Activity for Your 2 Year Old

Quick and Easy Toddler ActivityColour sorting is such a quick and easy toddler activity. That you can set up for your two-year old with minimal effort or mess. It will normally keep them entertain for a good while and enable you to encourage independent play. Allowing you a little space to focus on other tasks you may have to do.

The principle of the activity is the same regardless of which materials you choose to use. With the idea being that your toddler focuses on matching the correct colours together.

Various items that can be used for this are:

Coloured sheets of paper and matching coloured stickers.

Stick the sheets of paper to the wall or to the table. Give your toddler the sheets of stickers for them to match up with the correct piece of paper.

Coloured pom poms and a muffin tray or empty plastic bottles.

Colour code the muffin indents or the bottles using pieces of coloured paper. Then give your toddler a tum full of coloured fluffy pom poms and get them to sort through which go in which hole / bottle.

A large sheet of white paper with rainbow cereals or coloured building blocks.

Draw circles on the sheet of paper in colours that match the corals or building blocks. Then have your toddler sort through the cereal / building blocks putting the correct colours inside the matching circles.

Depending on how long you would like the activity to entertain your toddler, or how long you feel it will hold their attention span. You can vary up the number of pom poms, stickers, cereal etc to keep them at it for as long as possible.

This makes for a great quiet time activity I use with my son when I need half hour to concentrate on a task. It is also a great activity to help him build his fine motor skills. With the use of his index finger and thumbs to pick up or peel off stickers with. It also greatly helps him to increase and improve his concentration.

It’s definitely a go to activity in our house, which I would say we do at least a few times a month. However I am always careful not to over do an activity as this will normally kill it off and it will lose its attraction to them.

What’s the best activity you’ve tried with your toddler so far? Drop it in the comments below and let us know!

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