The stages between baby and boy

The Stages Between Baby and BoyIt’s a really odd time. Baby growing up. Slightly like a no man’s land. That strange twilight zone which is neither.  There is a period of transition that takes place. When that once sweet little baby is not longer completely dependant on you. Where they are beginning to learn to do things for themselves. Yet they haven’t quite progressed into boyhood.

When you still hold them tight to you and look into a pure and innocent face. However within minutes you are being released from the embrace so that they can toddle off to explore alone without mummy.

They aren’t truly independent, even though they may think they are. They still need you to feed and water them. Give them love and cuddles and keep them clean and tidy. However they are quick to push away your offers of help or to be come upset that mummy did it for them when they wanted to do it themselves.

It’s a bittersweet moment in a mother’s life. It’s so exciting to see your baby develop into their own personality. To see the start of the next phrase of their little life and to bear witness to all the amazing experiences they will have and new skills they will learn.

However it makes it painfully obvious that those baby days are coming to an end. That soon will be the last time you rock them to sleep.  As the poem goes there will be a last time for every thing.

However as much as the realisation that the baby stage is coming to end makes me feel sad. I am actually quite excited about what the future holds. All the new experiences yet to come. Like watching him actually do things without my help. Seeing him learn to ride a bike or the fact he will be a strong and confident little man who will wave good-bye to me without a second glance as he runs off to play with his friends.

I have made a point to mark and memories as much as I can from the first years of his life. it is true what they say that it really does go way to fast. You will forget how things were. That’s why baby books are so great. It’s a neat little way to keep track of those moments and a great for a brief look back at what has been.

However I will also forget plenty of moments too. the moments when mothering wasn’t the greatest experience on earth. Those moments, when you want to walk away and hand the over to someone else as they can’t possibly be yours! The sleepless nights and endless feeds when you are reduced to nothing more than a zombie.

Right now I am busy enjoying the new phrase and the new moments and that’s what matters at the end of the day. Making the most of the days you get good or bad.


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