How You can Achieve Everything and Still be an Excellent Mum

Having lost my focus and purpose to my goals in 2017, I am dead set I won’t let the same happen again this year. So So I asked myself the question, How can I achieve big goals as a mum in 2018? Whilst still being an excellent mum to my toddler and welcoming in a new baby to the family. Is something I am 100% committed to this year.  I’ve spent some time researching and applying new strategies on how to keep myself on track even when we get to the craziest moments of this coming year.

When you have big plans and dreams of being more or doing more than raising children it can seem daunting. Raising children can consume all you time so it can be hard where to start and how to achieve such goals. If you get off track, feel overwhelmed or have lost your way, these key points should help you say focused, reestablish your purpose and get you on the path to achieving everything you want this year.

Schedule not deadline

I have always been a date person, setting targets and working towards them. However,  deadlines come and go and life and babies easily get in the way. This is something I have come to realise as a mother. Last year I felt dejected and unmotivated by failing to achieve things in the time frame I had set. However on reflection this wasn’t down too my desire but down to applying to much pressure and not making allowances for raising a young son. So this year I am setting a schedule not a deadline.

Progress will be slower and things may seem like they take longer. However, knowing where you need to focus when you are in the midst of the craziness they call raising kids. It will enable you to direct your attention correctly, when you have the time to sit down and focus. Not feel pressured to cut corners in order to meet deadlines.

Motivation: find your why

I am a highly motivated individual by nature, however in the thick of running a family, moving house and all the other things I did last year. When it came time to focus on some less appealing tasks, or I got backlogged it was easy to lose motivation and not both. The reason? I forgot why I was doing these things in the first place. One of the main things I have pulled out and made sure is in front of me at all times is the reasons as to why I am doing the things I am doing. It helps keep me focused without losing sight of the bigger picture and gives me the drive I need to keep motivated even in the toughest times.

Be clear in outlining what you want to achieve and why. Use this to refer back to any time you feel lost, or unsure. It will help you get back on track.

An action plan and baby steps

Goal setting is great. But you need a plan of action on how you are going to achieve those goals. Often as a mother of young children, you will need to refer back and have it spelled out in front of you.

Mum’s don’t get as much free time to focus purely on their desires and themselves. So when you can grab that half hour, it’s important to know exactly what is the next thing you need to do. I am a big fan of to do lists. However, this is something more than that. This is what steps I need to take to accomplish each stage of a task. Broken down into bite size pieces so I can grab and complete something in the 10 minutes I have waiting to collect my son from creche or in the unexpected half hour I find myself with at the end of a laundry run.

With smaller steps taken this year, the beginnings will be slower. But momentum will build and you can achieve everything you have set out without becoming overwhelmed, stressed or demotivated.

Commitment to picking things back up

Write down a promise to yourself this year that it’s OK to put things to one side when times get busy or the family need my attention. That it’s OK to take a break when your body tells you it needs it. However, in return promise that you will go back to what you were doing and carry on and not just give up.


Yes I will be the first to admit I want my cake and to eat it too. Many say I set myself up to unachievable expectations. However, this year I am cutting myself some slack.

Yes you can do it all but not all at once. Focus on one thing at a time and not try to multitask. ( that’s where it all goes terribly wrong for me) Divide your time and stick to boundaries. When the work is done for the day it’s done. No letting emails or calls creep into family time.


By defining a scheduled and times to work. I will have to prioritise and be strict about what really needs my time and focus. The great thing about limiting how much time you have to spend on things, means you truly do becoming focused in on the task at hand and will often complete it in less time.

Make time

It’s so easy when focused on goals to get tunnel vision. So this year I am making a point of making time for other things outside of my business and blog. My focus is not purely that I must achieve big goals as a mum. This year I have already scheduled in periods. To focus on other things, such as health, mediation, quality time with my family and husband. These are times and dates that are unmovable. If something really must happen, find a way around sacrificing quality family or me time.

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