Celebrating your relationship even when its not valentines day

Celebrate valentines day as new parents

Life is busy. Life gets in the way. Raising baby’s sucks up you time. Raising children takes priority. But if you’re not careful then you are in danger of always putting others things first. Never having time for your relationship. Never having time for one another.  So how do you make sure  you’re celebrating your relationship even when life it rushing past.

Whilst most relationships can survive this in the short-term. Even the strongest of relationship will suffer if this becomes the norm. It may not be often. There may be times when you are not on the same page.

Learn to recognise the warning signs. No when to stop and take a minute and appreciate your relationship and your partner. We shouldn’t just celebrate love on one day a year earmarked by big corporations to exploit us and make money we should do it regularly.

Make Time

May not have a lot. May not have support. But at least once a month make an effort to do something together just as a couple. Dinner, Drinks and activity you both enjoy. Even just sitting and talking instead of watching tv.

Show Appreciation

In the midst of it, it’s hard to get carried away. But when the calm has settled. Take a moment to thank your partner for what ever contribution they made whilst it was stormy. Even if it was just getting out of your way.

Compliments Add Value.

Tell each other you look good. Tell each other you have looked forward to seeing them that day.

Romance doesn’t have to be grande gestures. It doesn’t need to be expensive or big efforts. It just needs to be heart-felt.

A gentle kiss on the forehead when least expected. A squeeze of the hand to share a moment.

But recognise you need to make the effort, you need to put in the time and not just once a year if you are to survive parenthood together.

What romantic gestures do you and your partner try to keep alive all year round?


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