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I have spent much of this month and the Christmas break planning out what I want to succeed at this year. Having spent some time-sharing this with you. I thought it only fair that I also share with you some of the worksheets I used to keep myself organised and view my plan clearly.

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Weekly Goal Setting and Review

This worksheet is perfect for a quick reflection session at the end of the week. It gives you the opportunity to look back and make a note of all the things that worked well for you this week. What didn’t and things you need to focus on going forward.

Often looking back is the best way to plan going forward. This is why I have joined the two. Clearly set up your top goals you want to complete in the coming week and any steps you need to get there

Brain Dump

As a busy mum there are always hundreds of things going around in my head. This simple and straight forward work sheet lets me get it all out in an organised manner. I then review what’s on there and use the priorities to define what needs to be done when. When adding it to my planner

Daily To Do List

Whilst I will have outline my goals and steps to complete them for the week. There is always no end of other tasks that crop up or need completing too. Therefore each morning before I start my day I make a list of what I must do that day and prioritise it. This sets me off on the right path to ensuring the most important ones get done. Those I don’t get time for will get carried across to another day.

Weekly Planner

I carry my planner pad everywhere with me. However I make use of this worksheet for time blocking. It helps me clearly set out the steps and tasks I need to work on this week. In a focused manner. Allowing me to see where I can find chunks of time to concentrate on things

90 day Goal Setting

Whilst I spend 10 minutes reviewing and setting goals every Sunday evening. Once every 3 months I will spend maybe 30 minutes to an hour looking at my larger annual goals and breaking these down into smaller quarterly goals. With this work sheet I plot out what the goal for the next 3 months is and then what action steps I need to take to complete it. Finally I note down all the small step I must take to make sure I complete it action. It is from this that my weekly planning and daily to do list is generated.

Long Term Goal Setting

Knowing what you goal is at any moment will keep you on track. However ultimately most of these small goals originate from much larger dreams and ambitions. Such as creating financial freedom. Plotting out where you want to me in the next 5 and 10 years will help you work out what it is you want or need to carry out this year, this week or today.






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