How to celebrate valentines day as new parents

How to celebrate valentines day as new parents

We’ve always struggled with celebrating Valentine’s in our relationship. Mainly due to my husbands work schedule and since becoming parents, our valentines celebrations have slipped off the radar entirely.

However as part of this years conscious effort to have more quality time and in light of our family expanding again in a few more months. We are making the effort to do something this year.

So how best to celebrate the day of love when you are new parents? Or just parents full stop?

Plan ahead, give yourself time to get ready

I guess this ties in with routines and schedules. When you have children these become your life line or should I say your base line. You need to make a conscious effort that you want to celebrate the occasion and how. For us its making use of those schedules and routines to allow us to do this. It could be as simple as having a nice relaxed lunch just the two of us whilst the baby naps.

 Don’t get sucked in 

Valentine’s day has become a multi-million dollar industry like Christmas. It is easy to get swept along with advertisers ideas of what they think you should buy your loved ones to show them you care.

In our experience, none of those things really mean much. Yes they are lovely to receive. However they don’t leave the everlasting after glow or memories that the smaller more personal gestures do. For us it’s the little things that will make us happy. The lie in that morning. The effort of lighting soft candles and playing romantic music. Making the bedroom warm and inviting.  

Just stopping and taking time out of our daily routines to spend time with each other un-hurried. To really listen to what the other has to say. Perhaps having an evening with special moments shared. Remembering memories that have meaning. Either from pre-children or in our journey of becoming parents.

 Given our conflicting work schedules, we often take the opportunity to have a day date instead of a night date. Which can be really fun and different. It also allows us to involve our son in the moment. After all we love him just as much as each other. So why shouldn’t he also be involved in the celebrations?

What ways have you come up with to celebrate your love for one another now you are parents? You never know you might give us something new to try!





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