My Journey – Prologue

My Journey
My Journey

With all of this taking place within my first venture into motherhood. I felt that I mustn’t be alone in experiencing this kind of passage into becoming a mother. Or the horrendous road of recovery I have faced. Therefore I decided that as I could not find for myself other people in my situation.  Documenting it for myself, would act as a place to vent and release the frustrations of such things. But also perhaps it may come to serve other women who have felt as lost and alone as I have over this time.

My Journey Prologue

So as the transition from Pregnancy to Motherhood is a mammoth one. I wanted to try to document all the various experiences I have encountered. Whether, emotional, physical or mentality.

Over the course of the coming weeks, months and possibly even years. I will share with you my journey into motherhood with all its humour and warts exposed.

I already feel I have a wealth of things to put down on the page. However due the impact my birth experience had on me.  I have 8 months to catch up on. So please bear with me as I break down those past months into bite size chunks and share the highs and lows of becoming a mummy for the first time with you.

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