What’s Making Me Happy This Year

Planning life as a mum

This year is all about focus for me. Focus on what makes me happy. On achieving things. Focus on success. I have invested a good chunk of time into really thinking about my goals for 2018 and planning on how to do them.

In the post’s I’ve wrriten on getting myself organised and how I plan to do this. I have been very focused on business like actions that I want to take place. However these I guess you could say are the smaller steps and tasks. Which I have lined up to make my headline goals for this year.

This year is all about happiness. I questioned myself extensively about what it is that is going to make me happy.  These are things I came up with. 

Extending our family.

I am so excited that we get to welcome a new addition in April or May. Looking forward grow our family of 3 to 4. This is a long-term goal of ours and one we have slowly plodded towards. It was planned and it was timed perfectly. As we wanted to make sure our kids where close enough in age so that they would grow up and play together and hopefully form a bond into Adulthood. However not to close that we were in the thick of it with both at the same time!

 Focus on Happiness

As I said, this year is all about what is going to make me happy. That means my goals look like making a point of getting to the beach one a week. Craving out quality time with my son and partaking in an activity that’s fun for us both. Ensuring my husband and I get to spend some alone time together and actually talk. 

On a business and blog level this is about setting the path to make sure that everything I spend time doing is rewarding and fulfilling. That I do not become sucked into a daily grind of just doing but it’s about being. Being present, being active, being productive. It’s amount remembering the reasons I have chosen to do this is for my family benefit. For the freedom it will create for us to do more as a unit, the flexibility it can offer so I can make school events, take an afternoon off because the sun is shining and I want to play with my kids.

Focus of Freedom

I have let to many restraints hold me back of the years. These have been anything from what others expected of me, to the routines and schedules I had in place. The weight of responsibility and of working for others and the expectations that come with that. The goal here is not necessarily be free from all that, but learn to adapt my life so that I no longer feel like I am being tied down and held back.

Partly there is the goal of financial freedom, to build a steady income that I know can be relied upon and only affected by the input/output of myself and not by others. I feel knowing that this is happening with help left some of the overhanging worries I carry with me day-to-day on providing for my family.

Then there is the freedom to say no, to choose not to do something or to stop continuing to do something because I have too. To have the freedom to know I can say no and that it will not have a negative impact on my life or my family.

Core Values

All of the goals I have set myself in 2018 from turning this blog into a revenue generating business, establishing myself in several other industry areas and going after financial freedom all tie back into 3 very important lifetime goals or perhaps I should use the word intentions instead?

Family, Happiness and Freedom. All of which have one core value – doing what makes me happy. If I am not achieving 1 or more of these three with every action I do, I will take the time to reevaluate and move on to the things that will

 What are you going to do this year to make you happy? Please share in the comments below as I’d love to know



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