Outdoor Crayon Rubbing ideas for your toddler

outdoor toddler activities

As the weather is improving and spring starts to feel the air. It’s a great time to finally get outside and get activity with toddlers. We all know they are bursting with energy, so fresh air and being active are great ways to help manage that.

If you are looking for outdoors toddler activities, that are  something a little different. That will help improve their sensory skills and teach them new things in the process. Then crayon rubbing is an excellent idea.

I am pretty sure you all have memories, probably from school. Of brass rubbing old items. For me this was a big thing in school, especially when we took a trip to an old church or a museum. I still remember it now with my bits of paper and a charcoal crayon.

It’s just so easy to do as well and doesn’t need any special trips. No special items required for purchase before you and your toddler can get down to it. Literally grab a few sheets of paper, a pack of crayons and perhaps some sticky tape to secure it in place.

Then get outside!

There are such a variety of textures and items to try this on outdoors. Wrap a sheet of paper around a tree or tape it to it, and them crayon rub over the bark. It makes for amazing patterns.

Perhaps trap a piece of paper down on your patio. Whether its concrete or slabbed. Rubbing a crayon over it is bound to produce a good result.

Take a few minutes whilst they are doing this to have a real look around your garden of ideas of other locations to try. Think about things like leaves on trees or on the floor, walls, bricks, wooden fencing, even the grass itself. There are endless possibilities that should keep your toddler entertained for a fair while.

Also spend some time using descriptive words with them as they try each of the new textures and locations. Explain what the item is. How it looks, what it feels like. Look at the pattern the crayon rubbing has produced and describe it to them.  You’ll be amazed at the new vocabulary you can help your toddler learn through just this one activity.

Trust me they will have so much fun and you probably will too!

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