Survival Mode – C Section, Mastitis, Toddler Sickness, a Newborn and Husband MIA

Surviving a toddler sickness bug with a newborn This week has very much been about survival on so many levels.  Being literally two weeks out today from having welcomed little R into the world. We have found ourselves adjusting to a lot more than growing from a family of 3 to a family of four.

I posted the other night on my IG account. Whilst in the thick of it and it couldn’t have been any more honest or raw.

Home after the C Section Arrival

Welcoming home a newborn baby is a huge adjustment in itself. Add in a toddler and most parents will agree keeping tiny humans alive goes to a whole new level all together.

Those of you who have had a c section will know also the limitations this further applies to  you as the glowing new mother.  Scheduled or not you are told not to do, lift, drive etc for the next 6 weeks. .  Which in principle sounds amazing! No housework, someone else doing the heavy lifting and cooking… but the reality is as a mum especially with an active toddler you just want to roll your sleeves up and get on with it.

Having had such a horrific natural birth experience the first time round, I actually came flying out of hospital after my four-day stay itching to get going and suffering with a serve case of cabin fever!

I am 100% impressed with just how great I felt and still feel given the circumstances and floored with just how bad it really must have been the first time. Given on this occasion I have undergone major surgery yet feel around 1 million times better than I did then.  Yet this overwhelming sensation actually lead me to overdo things in my first three days at home.

Conscious that the best advice from all other mums who have been there and done this, is to get up and moving. I unfortunately took that and my feeling great to the limits. Needless to say I have spent the second week slowing it down drastically and paying for the over activity with more soreness and strains.

Feeding and The Dreaded Sickness Bug

Now add in a tongue tie, shallow latch and resulting mastitis which wipes you out and leaves you bed ridden whilst sobbing into a pillow as you attempt to feed the new bubba on your already raw breast. Honestly at this point I think I was about done….

I could hear someone crackling… hahaha. Because life wasn’t done with me just yet no…. let’s wipe out the toddler with a sickness bug and put the house of red alert for fear of the baby getting contaminated.. Queue a lot of anti bacterial hand washing, cleaning spray and wipes.

It’s actually quite exhausting having to wash your hands every time between contact with your infected toddler who wants mummy 24/7 and your newborn who needs mummy 24/7…. thank god I invested in good quality hand cream!

A Hubby Who’s Not Home to Help

Finally add in a husband who was due to be home for the first two weeks. To help you cope with the limitations and the adjustments to the new family dynamic. Who has suddenly gone MIA. As his business has hit a busy spell and when you’re the boss you have to do these things… and so I find myself home alone all evening and night with a crying, feverish toddler who is projectile vomiting and a baby with colic who is hunger due to his latching issues and my infection.

So I did the only thing I knew I could do. I rallied by troops, collected supplies and bunkered down in our bedroom. Giving the hubby instructions that he was only to enter if; he wanted the risk of infection or to resume my role and allow me out for wine!

With a sweating tossing toddler one side being asked repeatedly at every interval of arousal do you want water? do you want magic water? (rehydration drink). A baby in the next to me crib the other side.  Periodically pulling him out from his safe cocoon to feed before being returned.  I set up base with fluids, snacks, pain relief. a mobile and a good book and I stayed put.

This is where you will have found me on pretty much any given day over the past 5. But you know what. It worked. I rested enough to tend to both of their needs. They got the comfort they were seeking from mummy and everyone made it out the other side…. It was a far easier ride than if I was running back and forth. From the toddlers room to the living area to the bedroom. We were in a space probably no bigger than 4 ft by 6 ft. But I kept my newborn supplied in breast milk (the best defence against infection) and my toddler supplied in cuddles.

We may have all needed a shower once we emerged at the end of it. I am certain my toddler wanted a lot to eat, but we made it. We survived and in the times to come when sickness hits this house. As my boys grow.  I now know this will be my go to tactic to riding out the storm and ensuring everyone survives!


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