These planners are going to help me smash my goals

The planners i've choose to organise my life this year

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Any one who knows me knows I am a big nerd when it comes to planning, goal setting and staying organised. Which it is then no surprise, that for Christmas I received not 1 but three planners for 2018.  I invest heavily into making the right planner purchase and have tried various over the years. Alternating between paper and electronic. So I put together my list for the best planners of 2018. 

Whilst the convenience of electronic appeals to me. The fact that I am an apple fan means I can sync the same info across multiple devices. However nothing for me beats putting pen to paper. There is something therapeutic about it. It clears my mind. Brightens my soul and generally just makes me feel far more productive manually crossing completed tasks off.

As part of a conscious effort to do more of my goals this year. I have taken some time to sit and focus on what I want to do. Where I am at and what I did do last year. Having put together a system which will work perfectly for me covering all the varied elements of my life. From being a mum, a business owner and a blogger. That said, my fail safe go to planner is still the core of this new system. It will be the one a refer to multiple times a day. Block out time slots and pencil in appointments too for every area of my life.

However this year I’ve add two more layers. The first is to help me break out the blog and content planning. I must focus on with my business this year. The second is to help me try to stop and take a moment. To see what I am happy with in my life and what I need to change. Below are the 3 planners/Journals/Agendas that I will use to smash my goals in 2018 and keep in on track to success!

Planner pad

Planner Pad

This can be bought directly from them here with a starting price of $29.99 

I live and die by my planner. Going out of my way to make sure I get it in October ready for the coming year. It’s not overly expensive but to some it may be a bit outdated given it’s a paper planner. I work with Plannerpad as I love to make use of the GSD system. Although I don’t follow this principle in full,. Having space to brain dump on the go and sort into to do lists by day really helps me to stay on track.

The Content Planner

the content planner

The content planner can be purchased directly from their site for a price of $59.99

Having already made the decision that 2018 was the year I would get serious. About all my opportunities as well as blog on This Trendy mama, this planner is fantastic. It allows me to plan out all my content. Scheduling drafts, publication dates and all my social media activity not only for this blog but for my various other outlets as well. Helping see at a glance exactly what I need to focus on or when. It has allowed me to plan our content month’s in advance in a particular way where I am able to see it everyday without having to open a spreadsheet.

The happiness Journal

The Happiness Planner can be purchased directly from their site for $54.00

Not one I probably would have picked up for myself. However having received this one as a surprise gift. I was intrigued by it and love the use of intentions. This is not so much about planning but feeling and doing. There is space for you to do list, your weekly goals and an area of relection for you to review your week and focus on what did or didn’t work. I intend to incorporate this into Sunday evening review / planning just taking 10 minutes to ask myself the questions and note some answers. I am intrigued to see if it helps me stay focused on the happier stuff and if it will show areas I didn’t know where effecting me.

To see how I went about setting my goals please check out this post here and don’t forget to subscribe to see how I stay on track and what I do when obstacles crop up along the way.


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