To the baby I have yet to meet

To the Baby I have yet to MeetTo The Baby I Have Yet to Meet,

You will not be by first-born. But that doesn’t make you any less special.  You have been longed for  just as I did your brother. It’s exciting to meet your little face on the ultrasound screen and feel your kicks in my belly.

I have enjoyed carrying you even if you did give me horrific morning sickness and make me so so tired.

I know that in the coming months you will be my priority whilst your brother has to wait his turn but that somehow it will be you that has to slot into his life. It will be his routines you have to conform to.

I hope this time round I will feel a little more confident in myself and my ability. That I can still shower you with the love and attention I did with your brother. That somehow in all the chaos I will find time for special moments just you and me.

I never thought my heart could swell so much. To be able to love both of you equally. I know now my heart will continue to grown with every year as I see you develop into your own character.

You will have your own personality of that I am sure already. I am preparing myself that it will be different from your brothers. However I hope that this will only help firm the bond between you.

There will be hand me downs. There will be shared toys. You will sleep in the mose basket and cot that your brother before you used. But please never think that it’s because we didn’t want to give you the best.


Mummy x



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