Trying to be successful and a great mother

Trying to become a successful working mumAs someone who’s day job consists of managing a multi million euro, multi location real estate business, a blog, several clothing brands, a subscription box and being a busy mum to an even busier toddler. I am here to tell you, it is possible to be successful and be a great mum.

Sure there are times when you don’t feel so great. Times where you have to choose between business or pleasure. But with the right mindset and a little planning it is possible to be there for the moments that matter and still head up that all important business meeting.

If you have the possibility, then I would urge you to  utilise working from home where possible. With changes to working practises, it’s easier than ever to invoke flexi-hours. So if you don’t want to work from home, or can’t. Opting for flexi-hours that will allow you to build your career around you kids needs is an excellent option.  Generally speaking anything that allows you to work around your children timetable and suits your needs is idea. Even if that means flipping your life on its head a little.

Two other very important things that have been a life saver for me has been to make use of child minding services and a crèche. I’ll admit, my childminder is my mother-in-law and I didn’t put my son in crèche until he was almost two. However both have enabled me to carve out more time get stuff done so that when I am with him I am with him 100% and not distracted.  Now as he is growing I am being to find extracurricular activities can also be of huge benefit. Whether you sit and wait working on your phone or are free to run off for an hour of errands, it definitely makes a difference.

I have always been and will always be a major lover of planning.  I spend a good chunk of time every week planing and prepping in advance. This covers pretty much every angle of my life. From work and meetings to activities and food. If it can be planned for and any prep work done ahead of time. It makes things run much smoother as you progress through the week. Even chopping my veg in a food processor when i get back from the supermarket. Means I save time when preparing our meals every day.

Some of these things come very naturally to me whilst others don’t. Asking for help and delegating being two things I struggle with. However to be successful and a great mother I have had to form new habits. It’s required a lot of work to stick to them, but once they become like second nature they do actually pay off.  I have made a point of prioritising them to focus on them.

Make time find time.

Sometimes, there really just aren’t enough hours in the day. But if things are important and mean stuff to you. Then you will find a way to make time. It may mean giving up on watching your favourite tv show once a week or recording it to watch at another time that’s more convenient. Or it  could mean doing a few hours work after the kids have done to bed or getting up an hour early in the morning. Mum’s are masters at multi tasking. Whilst I don’t always feel multi-tasking is the most productive use of time, sometimes it’s what required. Like watching that favourite show whilst you do your ironing.

Make technology work for you

From multiple apps on your phone to being able to do your food shopping online. There are so many useful tools out there now days to help you make the most of your time. Food shopping can be time-consuming and you may be put off from doing it online. I know the first time I did it probably took me double the time it would have if I had gone to the shop. However over time I have built a list of my regular items that I order weekly and literally one click and all of them are in my basket. Then it’s just a matter of selected the odd bits and pieces. Once you learn your way around, it really is as quick as walking the aisle. What’s more you can arrange the pick up or drop off around other tasks as well making it adapt to your life.

Delegating is a winner.

Whether it is passing on tasks to a colleague, hiring a virtual assistant or even a real one or asking a friend for help. Getting things off your plate and getting them done makes a huge difference to what you are able to do.

If keeping on top of the house is driving you crazy or juggling kids activities and business is just impossible. hire that cleaner or find that mothers help. It will make everything so much better.


Reward yourself and stop the guilt. It will always eat away at you. But sometimes things have to give. Sometimes to do it all and have it all you have to give up something. It might be running late or forgetting something but don’t worry about it. Things will pass, you will forget, your kids probably won’t notice. They will care if you are there for the big moments and that’s what will matter.

What inspires you to be keep going and do your best? What is it you’re looking to do?

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