Valentine Gift Ideas that Mums will love

Mums love a gift as much as the next person and whilst chocolate, flowers and wine can never go a miss. If the lovely lady in your life is now also the mother to your children. You can’t go to wrong by considering any of the following gifts. To recognise her achievements and sacrifices. We have put together a list of Valentine Gift Ideas that Mums will love.

Spa Treatment / day

Give her a break, she works hard every day morning to night. often unseen but those around her. Give her a proper day off. A day off from the house, the kids, the routine. Let her spoil herself with a massage or maybe a mani/Pedi. If your budget can stretch book her in to a spa where she can make sure of all the facilities for the day. You take care of the child care, school drops and dinner.

Personalised Bracelet or Necklace

This one is a wonderful ideas for a new mum. Celebrate her new status and buy her something truly personal that reflects the changes she has made to her life. It is something she will treasure for ever and probably wear all the time. Check out where mine came from here! 

Luxury Bath Bombs

Making time for me, is important for a mum. It’s what gives her the strength to keep going. The patience to break up the squabbles or answer the same question for the millionth time. Me time doesn’t always need to be a big thing or a lavish event. Even being able to soak in the bath uninterrupted can be enough. So recognise this and buy her some gorgeous smelling, relaxing bath bombs for her to enjoy in a hot bath at home.

Plush Bath robe

You could go a step further and buy a high-end bath robe, maybe even embroidered with her name. Mum’s like to be comfortable and even if they don’t have the opportunity for some down time. Slipping on a cosy, plus bath robe when having to tend to waking children in the middle of the night. Will make it seem so much easier to deal with.

Cashmere Shawl

These beautiful shawls are just so versatile! Whether for a breast-feeding mum that needs to cover up to a busy mum of kids that needs something to throw over her 3 day old clothes to look half presentable whilst she’s running from after school activity to after school activity. The offer comfort or style when needed. Making any woman feel like a million dollars.

An upscale handbag that will hold all the kids stuff.

Mums get a bit fed up always having to lug around nappy bags or huge ugly monstrosities that fit all the kids stuff they are handed. A good handbag really helps to lift their spirits and makes sure they can still feel stylish and with it on the go. Investing in an upscale handbag that is easy for her to throw in the 100th toy or pull out baby wipes from with be an investment that will last. It will get used daily and a good quality bag with withstand the battering far better than a cheep supermarket buy.

Give her a night off

You don’t even nessecarily need to take her out, but if you add that into the mix you are going to be a firm favourite for some time. Take the kids to your parents for the evening. Give her some peace and quiet, let her relax, read a book, watch a film or have a hot bath. Most importantly, let her sleep uninterrupted all night and wake her with a warm coffee and breakfast.

Luxury Handcream

Mums have their hands in lots of stuff. Washing up water, detergent, dirty nappies, sick. You name it mums have pretty much had to stick their hands into most things. So having a lovely luxurious hand cream to apply once in a while will help them overcome some of the nightmares that will haunt them from catching things with their hands and hopefully get rid of the smell too. It’s just another way mums find a few minutes to have me time.

Posh chocolates / Candle

So if you want to go down the ever done route or perhaps you think she’ll like it more. Take the time to invest in buying posh good quality chocolates. The type she is going to want to hide from the kids and to sit and enjoy. Or an expensive candle she can light at the end of a busy day that will help her to relax and unwind


If all else fails or you are short on time. Every woman loves receiving flowers. But put your hand in you pocket and send them to her from interflor or a good florist you know locally. Don’t pick up a half dead bunch on your way home from work.

As busy mums I’d love to know what your number 1 choice would be for a valentines gift!? Drop me a comment below and let me know.



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