Why its ok to fail in motherhood

It's Ok to fail in motherhood

We all have moments where things don’t go to plan. Where we feel like we are a failure at something. As mum whatever your focus you need to realise failure is often seen as a negative however that it is ok to fail in motherhood. As a mother you often want to show your children that you are strong empowered and what success looks like.

 Here’s why it’s ok to fail in motherhood:

Your children will deal with disappointments in their life from a very early age. Disappointment over small things like having drunk all their milk or only getting one bedtime story. However seeing how mum copes with handling disappointment will set them up for how to move forward with such an emotion as they grow. Knowing its ok, to cry or having feelings over things not going your way. Showing then how to pick yourself up dust yourself off and move on from it is key to how they will handle similar situations in future. 

Making mistakes and admitting to them is key to success. That means you have to accept you failed and maybe even look at why and how you failed. If you don’t admit to failing then that’s like saying to your kids that mistakes don’t happen, that they should be ashamed if they make a mistake. This is not a health outlook for them to grow up with. They need to learn from their mistakes to grow and the first step of doing this is by understanding and admitting they made a mistake in the first place. Taking responsiblity

 If you are afraid to fail then you are afraid to try new things. This results in living a very sheltered and limited life. You need to show them not be scared of trying something new, if you want you kids to experience what the world has to offer . Maybe they’ll hate it. That’s ok, they never have to do it again, but maybe they’ll love it. They will never know unless they try. You will never know unless you try and you might just surprise yourself at just how good you are as something.

What Failure Can Teach Our Children

Some things are meant to challenge us to help us grow. Some are just not meant to be. That’s one of the greatest things in this life. That doesn’t mean that other opportunities will not present themselves along the way. By realising this and looking out for the next opportunity when something hasn’t worked out you are showing your kids that if they keep on trying good things will happen and not to give up on their dreams.  





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