Why Now is a Great Time to Start New Family Traditions

New family traditionsAs you start to build your own family, now is a great time to start new family traditions. By creating activities and events with personal meaning. You can create fun-filled memories that will last a life time and traditions that will be pasted down through the family for years to come.

When looking for new family traditions, you don’t have to go to the extreme. It can be anything. From a special Christmas celebration, a birthday treat, to the run of the mil everyday bedtime routine you follow.

Make it Unique to You

The thing about starting a new family tradition is that it can be exactly what you want to make it.

If you are like us, you may already have some family traditions, that date back to when you were a kid. Or even when your parents or grandparents where kids. I am sure that you will want to introduce the to your own children now. However that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t like to add your own unique spin on it, building upon traditions of the past.

Expand on Existing Family Traditions

In our house, as an example. Christmas Eve is a special time. A real family day where we just enjoy one another company as we are busy doing something Christmassy. These are not necessarily group activities we all take part in. Mum could be tidying and preparing the house for visitors. Dad may be cooking up a storm preparing the mince pies and Gammon. Whilst my brother and I are busy wrapping presents in separate rooms. The point is that, its about us being together as a family. relaxed in one another company, singing to Christmas songs. Slowing down enough to appreciate each other and share small moments.

Now with the addition of my own kids and the fact that life is rushing past so fast, I decided to include Christmas eve boxes. We each have our own personalised box that I hand-made, which will now stay with us through the years. These were really simple and pretty cost-effective to make to be honest. Around tea time on Christmas eve when all the prep is done. We will sit together and open the first little gifts. We’ve decided that we will take it in turns to fill these boxes for everyone. Items include Pajamas, chocolates, a movie. Nothing too big.

It Doesn’t Need to Be A Massive Effort

Another tradition for us, is that Monday night is now family night. It’s the one night of the week when my husband and I are both home together for the evening. It’s all about family connections. Stopping the everyday rush and taking some time to actually engage with one another. That means putting our phones away. Turning the TV and electronic’s off and actuating interacting with each other. All sitting around the table enjoying a meal, discussing various events. Sometimes playing a game. This is something I think we will definitely continue and evolve as our kids grow older.

Sunday’s we like to spend time on the beach. This is family down time, in the summer that means  grabbing swimming suits, towels and hitting the waves. In the winter its taking the kids and the dog for a walk, along the shore or the cliff edges. Stopping for coffee before returning home to a good home cooked family meal.

Create Memories That Will Last a Life Time

These are just a few ideas of things we do as a family, that will become over time traditions we hope our kids will look back on with fondness. As we do ourselves with our own childhood traditions. However they are not limited to this.

You could choose to have a date night on a particular day of the week. It might be celebrating their first day of school each year with photos and gifts. Or perhaps if you want to extend the tradition to include large family or friends, maybe you might fancy hosting an Easter party, Summer BBQ or Christmas get together. The possibilities are endless.

Do you have any unique family traditions? Let us know if there is something you would love to get started with your own kids below in the comments.



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