Why We Need Mummy Milestone Cards

Mummy milestone-2
Mummy milestone-2
Mummy milestone-2

The baby milestone cards are an excellent way for new parents to document. All the memorable moments that take place within your little one’s first year.  Allowing you to capture their first weeks or months. Those big milestones like sleeping through the night, first tooth, crawling and walking. But what about mummy milestone cards?

why we need mummy milestone cards

So the other day as I was preparing another of squeaks milestone cards. Ready for another awkward photo where he won’t sit still and the picture is blurred with perhaps just the corner visible.  I wondered to myself in amusement that perhaps I too required milestone cards! As I chuckled to myself on this I actually started to give the matter some thought later whilst sushsushing and feeding the little squeak.

Why shouldn’t us mother’s be able to add some humour to the various moments in our new life’s where many moments previously taken for granted suddenly become a big deal!

Thus far these are what I have come up with,  feel free to download any or all of them if you want to snap a few funny shots for yourself!

First Shower

Mummy Milestone Cards, Today I got a shower

First Adult Conversaton

mummy milestone cards adult conversation

Weight Lost Milestone

Mummy Milestone Cards Lost Half Pregnancy Weight

Pre-Pregnancy Weight

Mummy Milestone Cards Lost Baby Weight

Back Into Pre-Pregnancy Clothes

Mummy Milestone Cards Pre-Pregnancy Clothes

Got a Whole Nights Sleep

Mummy Milestone Cards Slept All Night

First Date Night

Mummy Milestone Cards Date Night

Returned to Work

Mummy Milestone Cards Returned to Work

First Alcoholic Drink

Mummy Milestone Cards First Drink

Feel free to share your pictures with me, I would love to see them!

Do you have any other good mummy milestones to share?




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