A heartfelt gift for the new mum that will last a life time

Push presents are all the rage at the moment, leaving dads in the dark on what to get the woman in their lives when they have just achieved a feat more remarkable than any other they will ever try. Sure holding baby in her arms is the biggest gift she will get after having carried them for the last nine months, but recognising her effort, pain and exhaustion she has just experienced is a great way to say thank you to your partner for being an amazing mum.

A heartfelt gift for the new mum that will last a life time

There are endless suggestions out there ranging from diamond earring, through to the latest iPhone, however many of them are pretty generic and lack any personal heartfelt meaning. Of course if you have had a conversation between you then mama may have already told you in no uncertain terms exactly what it is that she is longing for, if you are stumped for ideas and really want to give her something with meaning that will last a lifetime, then a personalised pendant is definitely the way to go!

My husband did just that!

He bought me a beautiful pendant necklace with tiny footprints and had it engraved with our son’s name and date of birth. Being based in Portugal, he purchased if from a Portuguese jewellery maker, made to ENVY, who has built a huge following on Facebook.
Tiny Footprint Pendant | Made with Envy

In addition to the tiny footprints they offer other designs that are equally suitable for a new mama, including two hands entwined, a mother holding her child’s hand and many others. Their prices are very reasonable as well, so if regardless of what budget you have, you can pretty much find something that will work for you.

My Treasures | Made to Envy 13335871_1089264301120573_5517344839825230977_n Hands Entwined and little person | Made to ENVY

Feel free to check out their choice of great pieces, not only for mama but also for grandparents or others if you are looking for ways to share that special moment with other family members. They ship to other countries as well, so don’t think because you’re not in Portugal you could order from them, although I am sure there are other companies out there who can also offer similar jewellery.

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