Fun Staples for Baby and Mum Beach Times

The summer is in full swing and why wouldn’t you want to hit the beach and feel the sand between your feet.  Asides from the fact that you will be flaunting your new mum body along with your new tan!

New Mum Beach Staples

If the thought of stripping off to hit the waves is your worse nightmare, you can’t go wrong with coupling these few essentials together.

A harem jumpsuit is not only lightweight and airy, but also extremely flattening in all the right places, skimming the bust and stomach and hanging nicely on the areas you want to emphasis.  Whilst a funky patterned wired swim suit, will distract from any tummy and support your newly acquired assets.

Add a sweet pair of flip-flop sandals, a massive wicker beach bag (great for all baby’s essentials as well) and an oversized wrap for laying out under your towels to add an extra barrier to the sand and you are all set to go!

So have fun in the sun and make sure you stay safe with baby in the shade!

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