New Mum Fashion that’s Great on the Go…

If you thought you had a busy life before, wait until baby arrives! The key now for new mum fashion, is to be able to get dressed quickly. Have functionally and still remain true to yourself and your style.

This can be a real challenge as a new mother, who’s pre pregnancy wardrobe is unlikely to fit as it once did, even if you are back down to your pre pregnancy weight.

On the go go go go go go…….

Breastfeeding errands run


What I have found is being comfortable really is key (from someone who would regularly suffered for fashion pre baby). Having items you can throw together at a moments notice, that make you feel good, look good and serve a purpose are a must.
As a go too, ideal for when I am in a hurry are a black pair of leggings (always forgiving) a loose shirt (to hide my mummy tummy) a vest top (to hide my modesty as a breastfeeding mum) and my converse (allowing me to be casual, comfy but still on trend).
This has become my new mum uniform for my off duty days!
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